I miss Ruby Fizz. She’s been on an extended holiday for over a year now, and though RFS events have never been a regular fixture in Brisbane’s arts-world, I think it will soon be time for another one. The Gentlemen’s Tea Parties were a success. Superb performers lit up georgous audiences at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

But this time we need a different system — something new. A brilliant hall or lounge with comfy chairs and bright teapots. Homemade cakes. Space and light and wonderful sound. Brisbane is a funny place for venues, especially with the loss of The Troubadour, so I need a little help to make this happen (funding applications aside — there’s a holiday project for me).

There are two roads we can go down, I think: informal and unticketed (e.g. BYO picnic food–something like this could even be held in a library) or structured, ticketed and fancier. Both can be fun; the latter is better, because performers gets paid — but I don’t want to make tickets expensive. Superior People come from all walks, after all.

Anyhow, just some thoughts. If you are interested or have any ideas, please comment away. Ruby Fizz would be so delighted to have you all for tea again.

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