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Walleah Press will release Salt and Bone in mid-September of 2014.


Zenobia’s debut chapbook, The Voyage, was released by SweetWater Press (Brisbane) in May of 2009. Artist Bettina Walsh illuminates this poetical journey, which crosses the seven seas with the help of a rather curious crew and a compass that points to whichever shore offers the best cup of tea.

“The poetry of The Voyage has both the resignation of the sage, and the wit and passion of the articulate romantic. Frost hopes lovingly against all odds and oddities.”
— Jeffrey Harpeng

“This first collection somehow combines undertones of both The Ancient Mariner and The Hunting of the Snark, while remaining determinedly in her own voice.”
— Ross Clark

Petrichor, a self-published collaboration by Frost and fellow poet Jeremy Thompson, sold out its first print run at the 2011 Queensland Poetry Festival. It features some new poems, some old favourites, and some dangerous experiments — including a very fearsome punctuation mark on the back cover.

Voyage Launch

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Creative non-fiction

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QWeekend Magazine (“Thrill of the Quill”, 28/08/2010)

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