The Ruby Fizz Society

The Ruby Fizz Society for Superior People is a light-hearted excuse for performance arts, dressing up, and baked goods.  Our glorious events  (when I remember to organise them) include: fine dining, fancy dress, live music, live poets, dead poets, burlesque, cabaret, and high-class frivolity. The RFS provides cross-discipline opportunities and, more importantly, cupcakes for creative folks across Australia.

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PostmodernPicnic by Clare HawleyThe Bedroom Philosopher performs at The Postmodern Picnic
(photo by Clare Hawley, Asparay Photographics)

Gentlemen’s Tea Parties

February 2010, Woolloongabba Antique Centre
Over two weekends in sunny February, poets, performers and other assorted gentlemanly types took over the WAC to drink a lot of tea and eat cake. A sterling cast of ladies and gents in sterling suits featured The Ragtag Review Band; ukelele babes Absolute Tits with their puppet pals; cabaret performers Bertie Page, B.B. Le Buff, Rita Fontaine, Phoebe Manning, Tiara the Merch Girl, Evelyn Hartogh and The Coin-Operated Boy (William Cooper as a human statue!); and live poets Ross Clark, Graham Nunn and John Knight reading dead poets. I had a marvellous time, and here’s what punters had to say:

A potent concentration of talent, and a genuinely encouraging group of very cool people.

Fun acts, great crowd, intimate atmosphere. Loved the poetry readings and open mic section.

Music and burlesque, a venue that’s fun to explore, tea in teapots,  and getting dressed up. I approve.

Postmodern Picnic

September 2008 at The JOYnt, South Brisbane
We celebrated postmodern performance with an indoor picnic. This event featured established folk-comedian-musican, The Bedroom Philosopher (who recently supported The Dresden Dolls on their national tour); up-and-coming boy wonder, Mikki Ross; performance poetry queen, Stefanie Petrik; and Queensland’s leading lady of burlesque, Lena Marlene.

Poetical Champagne Brunch

June 2008 at Cafe Checocho, West End
This sell-out event featured local poets Rob Morris and Pam Schindler, with live music from master cellist, Wayne Jennings, and eccentric composer, Timothy Tate.


6 thoughts on “The Ruby Fizz Society”

  1. hello im trying to get my burlesque name sorted, but you are here already,
    are you a burlesquer as well,? as I wanted to be Zenobia,
    Im loving the idea of your teaparties, im an artist, painter, searching now for
    some off the wall inspiration, you may have supplied it, but I do need y
    our name, if im to go forward with my alterego, I love old grave yards too,
    I paint them with horse drawn hearses in,
    I will stay in touch, Jacquie Zenobia?jJones x

    • Dear Jacquie,

      No, I’m not a burlesquer; I’m a poet.

      The name originally belonged to the warrior, Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, so really you’d need to consult her. You can get in touch with her council in the waxing moonlight, facing modern Syria. You must be holding a sword and, preferably, be naked. Unfortunately they don’t have email. My mother, who chose my name, advises that you might be on hold for a bit, but I imagine their systems might have improved in recent decades. It’s a long time since 3ACE. Remember to balance your warrior’s motivations with a supplicant’s spirit. They like that.

      Of course, if you’re granted the name, I’ll be stripped of it. There can, after all, only be one.

      All the best,
      Zenobia Frost

  2. Hi Zenobia,
    thankyou for your reply, I did know her origins, but thankyou, for your lovely embellishments, you see I also live in an imaginary world, I must learn more about you,

    Its wonderful, to find kindred spirits, you see Jacquie Jones, has now got to find this new persona, as a Burlesque dancer, so I shall be Zenobia Rose,
    Im looking forward to reading more about you.
    bless you
    Zenobia Rose

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