Ruby-Fizztacular successes, etc.

First off, Ruby Fizz ran like a dream last Sunday. Tickets sold out, and we had a really fantastic (and varied) crowd. Thank you to everyone who came, performed, dressed up, donated anything to the raffle, bought a raffle ticket, helped us set up, etc. A big thank you also to the lovely Birgit and Halim at Checocho, who made it all happen.

Poets at Ruby Fizz

Poets at Ruby Fizz

Rocco & Spanki celebrate

Rocco & Spanki celebrate

In other news, Rocco & Spanki came near the end of their gestation period at Ahimsa house a couple of nights ago, at the Trash Video fund-raiser. A marvellous time was had by all – twelve sets of excellent entertainers…entertained a room full of alternative-film supporters.

Highlights for me included:

  • Sam & Dan (the Millennium Bug)
  • Mistress Mandarella and her real bunny rabbit
  • Simon Chan’s recitation of some classic poems
  • Lady Vee’s classy burlesque
  • Maiden Speech, who remind us not to fear the 80s
  • cupcakes!!

Here are a couple of photos:

Rocco & Spanki

Rocco & Spanki

Evelyn Hartogh is Wonder Woman

Evelyn Hartogh is Wonder Woman

at Carry On Trash Video

Don’t forget that Rocco & Spanki will be born properly at the Queensland Poetry Festival in August. Watch this space. xo

One thought on “Ruby-Fizztacular successes, etc.

  1. Hey I’m Henry, just wanted to say great job with the act on Friday and I was wondering if you had any more pictures, specifically the one you took of my friends and I.

    We were the table of three well dressed lads (four of us total but dave is a slob) up the back corner.

    In fact it was I who challenged you on the stage for best dressed, congratulations for beating some truly tough competition.

    if such photos do exist it would be great if you could email them to


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