Martini and madrigals, with no pun intended

A few fun things to note for today (gosh, I really am blogging myself into oblivion):

1. Who Killed Amanda Palmer arrived in the mail and made me squee. ‘Tis a fine album, and Ms Palmer kindly signed an [unused, might I note] panty liner for me at her glorious gig earlier this month.

2. I enjoyed Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra for the third time in recent months yesterday evening. They’re a consistently vibrant and surprising band, and their tickets are always affordable — which is the most important thing, really. I will say that aside from Mr Martini, the band was looking a little zombified last night (they certainly sounded alive, though). We had a grand ol’ time.

Oh, one more thing: I remembered last night that their trombonist is one of few people to have seen me in pajamas (we crashed at the same sharehouse once). Seeing me in nightwear is a like catching a glimpse of a rare breed of fairy wren, except only if the wren feels rather awkward and quickly flies off to put Civilised Day Clothes on. Maybe he would have recognised me had I come to the party dressed as Arthur Dent or something. Anyhoo.

3. I know xkcd is always awesome, but there seem to have been some especially awesome comics up in the last few days. You should go nom on them.

4. I nearly forgot about the madrigals! Fellow poet Nerissa Rowan and I are toying with a new performance project, Madrigal Maladies. Keep an eye out for us, because we’re going to rock your poetry pants off. More to come.

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