I Dream of Tupperware

Seriously, I did dream about Tupperware last night. This is because I’ve been to two Tupperware parties this weekend, and signed up to hold my own. One was hosted by a friend, and another was an Annoucement Party for another friend who has just become a Tupperware Lady. She’s like a Tupper Debutante. Oh man.

After watching Silence of the Lambs on Friday (which, by the way, is a fine film…did anyone else find Hannibal strangely alluring?), I did wonder if you could dice up people in the Happy Chopper. I wonder if the big version of the Happy Chopper is strong enough to chop bone, sinew, etc.

On that cheery note, I’ve left the suburbs and shifted towards the inner city! Best snap decision I’ve ever made! My new house is a gorgeous Queenslander, with views to die for and two very funny-looking (but lovable) cats. Haemorrhaging rent is worth it. I feel like I’m on holiday all the time.

I scoot off next weekend for a week-and-a-bit-long QWC poetry tour, with Rob Morris and Kristin Hannaford. We’re going to have a blast in Sydney, Melbourne and Lauceston, so keep an eye out for us, painting the town red and whatnot.

The Queensland Poetry Festival, by the way, was quite possibly the best ever. It ran so smoothly! A.F. Harrold (UK) and Elizabeth Bachinsky, (Canada) our international stars – with two very different styles of poetry, were my festival favourites. We farewelled Hinemoana Baker, poet-in-residence, last Thursday, and we’re sad to see her go – but glad that she’s produced such gorgeous work while over here.

Anyway, I have no Internet at home, so I’ve only got limited time on this borrowed PC. If anyone needs any Tupperware, I now know the best source. Oh yes. Let me know.

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