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Zenobia Frost is a poet based in Brisbane, Australia. Her work can be found in Cordite, Scum, Overland, Meanjin and Contemporary Feminist Poetry. She won the 2018 Val Vallis Award for her poem, ‘Reality On-Demand‘.

Zenobia’s new poetry collection, After the Demolition (Cordite Books) won the 2020 Wesley Michel Wright Award and was recently shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. Read more about it in the LA Review of Books.

Zenobia currently facilitates workshops and satellite events for Queensland Poetry Festival.

contact: zenobia.frost[at]gmail[dot]com

Recent publications

  • Junkee: Was Joss Whedon the Real Big Bad of ‘Buffy’? (essay)
    Buffy coined the term ‘Big Bad’ — a kind of seasonal antagonist or level boss. For the first few years, the show’s Big Bad is a particularly nasty vamp or a very hangry mayor — but, really, it’s high school. By season six, the metaphors are stripped away … [and] the Big Bad of season six is a very real-life problem: misogyny.’
  • Art Starts Here: 40 Years of Metro Arts (editor, 2020)
    This gorgeous coffee-table history book charts the living history of Metro Arts in Brisbane, from its gutsy DIY beginnings to its bright future. Designed by Sean Dowling and Ashleigh Jacobsen.
  • ‘Ghost Light’ (interactive Twine poem)
    Find the ghost light in a closed-for-good arts centre. This psychogeographic poem is best enjoyed in full-screen with headphones on a laptop or desktop. First published by Red Room.



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