Salt and Bone

Salt and Bone is a book of memorable music and imagery rich with implication… The poems address the reader directly, often casually, yet they are possessed of a discomforting incompleteness and multiplicity.”
— Andy Jackson, Australian Poetry Journal

Frost’s language is pared back to the bones, sparse and alarming. Salt and Bone is visceral and seductive.
— Alyson Miller, Cordite

Salt and Bone reads more like a grimoire written in saliva.
— ReVerse Butcher, Melbourne Spoken Word

“Every word combination in Salt and Bone is taut and incisive, as the author chisels into the past inherent in both herself and her world… Frost inserts her precise lines into the reader’s bloodstream, leaving one ‘quickened’ within her world of eerie, captivating, and ultimately fascinating revelations.”
— Alexis Lateef, Writ Poetry Review

Salt and Bone

Salt and Bone (Walleah Press) is the first full-length collection from Brisbane-based poet Zenobia Frost. Here’s how you can order a copy:

Praise for Salt and Bone

Salt and Bone shows intelligent writing with a brilliant use of metaphor, poems that twist their way and are always surprising
Anne Elder Award judges’ report

Exquisite and zesty, these crystalline poems collect the textures of worlds imagined and re-imagined with grace and dexterity, wit and playfulness.
— Felicity Plunkett

Frost’s are fearless poems, engaging with and confronting the intricacies of our sex-then-life-then-death eddy. Treacle, black pepper and clove, the weight of Atlas: these are poems Bertolt Brecht would delay his first morning coffee or crossword to consume … their alchemic moods forge a contemporary age of bronze – one that, somehow, already sports your fingerprint embossed into its folds. Salt and Bone is her own Epic Theatre.
— Kent MacCarter

Salt and Bone launched in Brisbane at Avid Reader on 18 September 2014. You can read Francis Thompson’s launch speech here. The book’s Melbourne launch was at Hares and Hyenas on 7 October 2014; you can find Broede Carmody’s launch speech here.

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