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Zenobia Frost captivates with original poems and the occasional cover. In 2012, she toured with the Queensland Poetry Festival Regional Roadshow, after making her national debut with the Arts Queensland Touring Poets Program in 2009. She has performed poetry in places as varied as Rockhampton (Qld), Wisconsin (USA), and Germany’s Black Forest.

Upcoming appearances

  • Queensland Poetry Festival: The Big Read, Saturday 25 August, 4.30pm
  • Queensland Poetry Festival: The Bachelorette: A Song Cycle (with Bec Jessen), Sunday 26 August, 12pm
  • Brisbane Writers Festival: The Dark and the Light (with Bec Jessen and Shastra Deo), Sunday September 9, 10-11am
  • Brisbane Writers Festival: What Will Be Worn (in conversation with Melissa Fagan), Friday 7 September, 4pm
  • National Young Writers Festival 2018 (September 27–30)

Book me: zenobia[dot]frost[at]gmail[dot]com



Photo by Anna Jacobson


Reviewing for Stilts, Aimee Lindorff writes:

“They call you a graveyard poet. It’s a sombre title… But you bound to the mic in teal with your purple hair, and read with a fervour that belies your designation. Your dress is amazing and your prose is striking. A certain melancholy mixed with longing and nostalgia. Voices of the dead fill Riverbend like mist. It’s a celebration, a lament painted in the warm glow of memory. Your prose is honest, open, and urgent, and there’s something intoxicating about the spaces you paint.”

Performance highlights

Queensland Poetry Festival (2007, 2009–11, 2013–14, 2016–18)
Brisbane Writers Festival (2005, 2013, 2016, 2018)
Black Forest Writing Seminars Showcase, Freiburg (2015)
National Young Writers Festival
Newcastle (2014, 2018)
Moving Words (14 April 2018)
QUT Literary Salon (2017)
Poets Up Late, Wynnum (2015, 2017)
 The launch of Salt and Bone and Curio (2014)
RUCKUS! New Globe Theatre (2014)
Riverbend Poetry Series 1, Riverbend Books (Feb. 2013)
FreeVerse: Page Vs Stage, State Library of Queensland (Oct. 2012)
Queensland Poetry Festival Regional Roadshow (2012)
From a Dying Land, Crossbows Festival (2012)
SPOKEN, State Library of Queensland (2012)
Passionate Tongues, Melbourne (2009, 2011)
Arts Queensland Touring Poets Program (2009)
Tasmanian Poetry Festival (2009)
Brisbane Writers Festival (2006)



Queensland Poetry Festival (2007–2012, 2014, 2016–17)
Postmodern Picnic, Brisbane (2008)
Gentlemen’s Tea Party (2009)


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