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Photo by Alan Weedon, NYWF14
Photo by Alan Weedon, NYWF14


Read ‘Reality on-Demand‘, which won the 2018 Val Vallis Award

ABR’s States of Poetry: Queensland (2017)
Arc Poetry (Canada-Australia issue)
Australian Poetry Anthology
Australian Poetry Journal
Backslash Lit (2020)
Blue Bottle Journal (2020)
Cordite Poetry Review
Ibis House
Forage Poetry (UK)
Going Down Swinging #25
Griffith Review No. 70: Generosities of Spirit
Contemporary Australian Feminist Poets (2016)
Overland 240 (2020), Overland 232 (2018) and Overland Emerging Poets (2013)
Petrichor (self-published chapbook, w/ J.F. Thompson)
Rabbit Poetry
Red Room: ‘Ghost Light’ (2020) + Poetry Object + ‘Blueprint: Bramble Tce‘ + Poems to Share II
Scum Magazine (2020, 2017, 2016)
Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word Anthology
Stylus Lit
The Tangled Bank
Voiceworks Magazine
Writ Poetry Review
Woolf Pack


Arts and lifestyle

Archer Asks: Katy O’Brian, actor and martial artist (2020)
Daily Review
The Guardian Australia

Rave Magazine
Hide & Seek
Metro Magazine
OffStreet Press
Theatre People
Australian Women’s Book Review

Non-fiction and essays

Meanjin: What I’m Reading (Nov. 2020)
The Lifted Brow
LOTL Magazine
The Scavenger


Reviewers of Oz (2020)
Burn Bright
Factory Diaries
Famous Reporter
Geosi Reads
QWeekend Magazine (“Thrill of the Quill”, 28/08/2010)

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