In print


  • Salt and Bone (Walleah Press, 2014)
  • Petrichor (chapbook, self-published with J. Francis Thompson, 2011)
  • The Voyage (chapbook, SweetWater Press, 2009)
Photo by Alan Weedon, NYWF14

Photo by Alan Weedon, NYWF14

Poetry highlights

(Not sure where to begin? Read a few poems from Salt and Bone here.)

ABR’s States of Poetry: Queensland (2017)
Arc Poetry (Canada)
Australian Poetry Anthology
Australian Poetry Journal
Black Rider Press
Ibis House
Forage Poetry
Going Down Swinging #25
Contemporary Australian Feminist Poets (2016)
Lyre Journal
Mascara Poetry
Overland and Overland Emerging Poets
Pressure Gauge Journal
Rabbit Poetry
Red Room Company: The Poetry Object
Red Room Company: Fellowship Shortlisting Commission
Red Room Company: Poems to Share II
Small Packages
Stylus Lit
The Tangled Bank
Voiceworks Magazine
Writ Poetry Review
Woolf Pack

Arts and lifestyle

Daily Review
The Guardian Australia

Rave Magazine
Hide & Seek
Metro Magazine
OffStreet Press
Theatre People
Australian Women’s Book Review

Creative non-fiction

The Lifted Brow (read the full essay here)
LOTL Magazine
The Scavenger


Burn Bright
Factory Diaries
Famous Reporter
Geosi Reads
QWeekend Magazine (“Thrill of the Quill”, 28/08/2010)

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