Trash Video benefit

Carry On Trash Video

7pm Fri 4 July Ahimsa House

26 Horan St. West End 4101

Cabaret Benefit

The Carry On Trash Video Cabaret Benefit will be a Gala Fundraiser to promote the NEW Subscriber option to Trash Video. All funds raised from the evening will be donated to Trash Video Library to ensure the preservation, for the benefit of the community, the unique, accessible archives of rare films.

The response from the performance community has been fabulous with many famous faces donating their talents to entertaining fellow supporters of alternative media.

Enjoy world class acts, complimentary drinks and a buffet and show you care about keeping culture diverse!Tickets will be priced at: Concession $15/ Full-time worker $25 – or Subscribe on the night and get in FREE!


ROCCO & SPANKI are the Siamese cousins of Ross Clark and Zenobia Frost respectively (but not respectably); Rocco is the half-brother (born 1818) of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s Creature (think about that); and Spanki (born New Year’s Day 2001) is an Egyptian Queenette with sock oddities. They are always deeply serious, and will become a comic book in 2009.

DANIEL & SAM conduct a comical interview that looks at the life of the Millennium Bug. Since failing to destroy the world on New Year’s Eve of 1999 due to a poorly placed “power-nap”, the Millennium Bug’s life has been a downward spiral, filled with drugs, scandal and unpleasant encounters with Global Warming.He has recently started to get his life back on track and is finding new ways to kill time until he destroys the world again in 9992 years time.

DJS HOUSE OF JOY Thousands of rare records from all genres and more than 20 years DJing experience around the world.Expect the coolest and weirdest and wildest music you have ever heard from DJs who are multi-media artists and music producers, as well as turntable jockeys.

TRASEY CHAMBERS is a fantastic spoof of great Aussie country singer Kasey Chambers.Trasey claims to be Kasey’s sibling and her 10 minute spot will be jam packed with her greatest hits, including two fabulous parodies. Trasey will also take you through a hilarious spin of life in the Chambers family….

MELISSA J EVANS has been playing in and around Brisbane in duos, bands and as a soloist for over ten years, supporting acts such as Spot the Dog, Vika & Linda, Deborah Conway and The Kransky Sisters.She has also played at Brisbane’s’ Pride Festival, Big Gay Day and at 2006, 2007 & 2008 Girlfest.

MAIDEN SPEECH If you could bottle Nina Hagen, Tom Waits, Annie Lennox, Prince, Laurie Anderson, Cyndi Lauper and the Pointer Sisters, and Australia had an answer, it would have to be Maiden Speech. Almaryse Murphy and Pascalle Burton bring theatrical, innovative, mind-bending Poetry-Pop. Maiden Speech are sister act Almaryse Murphy (she of the silky vox) and Pascalle Burton (Queensland Poetry Festival Slam winner 2006/Woodford Folk Festival Slam Deluxe winner 2006/07).

ALICIA BENNETT is a Brisbane-based poet and author.She published her debut collection of poetry The tincture of salt in 2004.Her novel Death before Dishonour: Brisbane’s Arcade Murder was launched at the 2007 Brisbane Writer’s Festival.Her verse novel Faith, edited by award-winning poet Ross Clark, was launched at the 2007 Queensland Poetry Festival at the Judith Wright Centre in Fortitude Valley.

EVELYN HARTOGH Based in Brisbane Hartogh has been performing and publishing works on popular culture and social justice since 1992. She has two Masters degrees, one in Women’s Studies (Griffith University 1997) and the other in Creative Writing (University of Queensland 2002).Her art practice involves articles for publication, photographs of her characters, scripts, costume making, publicity for her shows, human rights activism and fine art.

SIMON CHAN is the creator of The Other Production Company, an original musical theatre. Simon is an Australian composer-lyricist, who is also a playwright and actor. His main musical theatre inspirations are Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, Noel Coward, and Alan Jay Lerner.His two musicals in production at present are The Velveteen Rabbit, adapted from the book by Margery Williams, and also his cabaret, Les Cabaret Boudoir.

MANDARELLA as seen on TV!Opera Singer, Acrobat and Magician Mandarella made a nation laugh out loud when she appeared on Australia’s Got Talent.Mandarella brings you the Magic of Mistress Mandarella. She sings, she whips, she walks on stilts, she pulls amazing animals out of her hat, and she can do the hyper-splits and much, much more!

LADY VEE is a burlesque internet geek, adult entertainer, showgirl, hula-hooper and Gold Coast Girl sensation seen in all the right places in the Brisbane Burly Q scene.She has been working as an erotic adult entertainer since September 12 2001. Her dream is to foster animals from the local animal shelter as well as rehabilitating native &

VIOLA VIXEN is a dream of golden age burlesque, brought to life before your very eyes. Her impeccable sense of theatricality sees her using elements of old-school burly-q against her theatre and circus background. She is at the forefront of Australia’s burlesque comeback with a recent sell out Auckland show and Australian tour, regular club shows, a head teacher of La Lola Salon and performing for full houses at the notorious Woodford Folk Festival.

KALA is a bellydancer who performs with poi, including glow poi to music (combination world/ boppy/ soulful).She has performed with a Tahitian dance group in Brisbane and a Bellydance group in Canberra. She loves all styles of dance and has recently taken up ballet. She is also into yoga and the intuitive arts.

Triple Zed’s BENJAMIN BEAN comes out of retirement to make us laugh. Why does he hate the Go-Betweens? Should liquor licensing fine Jesus? Can a small person fit in your freezer if chopped well enough? Answers to these and all life’s conundrums.

CHRIS COLE Christian is a 33 year old comedian and is rarely found in the wild these days. He has no natural predators but is on the endangered list due to his habit of poking things with one finger until they wake and bite him to death.
He’s currently still waiting to hear back from the nigerian bankers he sent his account details to.He prefers writing about himself in the third person and is *still* always genuinely surprised when he doesn’t win the lottery.

Carry On Trash Video

7pm Fri 4 July Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St. West End 4101.

Cabaret Benefit with DJs House of Joy

SAVE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA All funds raised from the evening will be donated to Trash Video to ensure the presevation, for the benefit of the community, the store’s unique library of rare films.Established in 1995, Trash Video is Australia’s largest cult video store, with over 12,000 handpicked rare movies, in genres including, Arthouse, Australian movies, World Movies, B-grade Horror & SF, Cult Movies, Classics, and Comedy.Trash Video does not throw out or sell off the unprofitable older titles giving YOU more to choose from.They have the diversity of films your typical chain store doesn’t have with the best of new releases, and a unique and precious library of films you cannot find anywhere else.

SUBSCRIBE: The preservation of our alternative culture is of paramount importance, keeping alive Trash Video’s library is keeping alive our cultural history.Think Global – Act Local!NOW for the first time ever you can show you care about preserving alternative cultural history by becoming a Subscriber.Enjoy extra benefits in a visual library of films from around the world that you cannot find anywhere else! Subscribers will indulge in discounted rental and special deals, ticket giveaways, and much much more …



Rent free for the Rest of Your Life!Become part of Local History!Trash will Dedicate a Shrine to you!Guarranteed to get you into Heaven!


Discount Rental, special deals, ticket giveaways, and much much more …


Discount Rental, special deals, ticket giveaways, and much much more …


Discount Rental, special deals, ticket giveaways, and much much more …

Find out more about Trash Video &

Trash Video Cabaret Benefit thanks Ahimsa House for the opportunity to host a Gala Benefit at their venue.

Find out more about Ahimsa House

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    Anyhoo, no, I haven’t heard the Scarlett album, but I hear it’s not that great. She has taste in backing performers (Dave Sitek, et. al.), at least.

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