The Ruby Fizz Society seeks Bowie fans

Want to reinvent the David Bowie mythology?The Ruby Fizz Society for Superior People seeks expressions of interest from musicians for a tribute party to be held in late November in Brisbane. We don’t just want straight copies, though; we want to hear something new. If you think you could cook up some quirky covers, let us know.

If you’re not a musician, but Mr Bowie still sneaks into your dreams at night to inspire whatever artform you work with, there will be opportunities for you too. Poets, artists, cabaret performers and carnies – come to us.

Email Zenobia at with your thoughts, and spread the word.

The Ruby Fizz Society for Superior People is a group designed to help you enjoy the best things in life: fine dining, fancy dress, live music, live poets, dead poets, burlesque, cabaret, and high-class frivolity. We aim to provide opportunities for Queensland creative types whilst having a damn good time.

Join The Ruby Fizz Society for Superior People on Facebook here or on myspace here.

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