Ruby Fizz presents… A Postmodern Picnic

A postmodern picnic poster

The Ruby Fizz Society presents…

at the JOYnt, Sept. 20th, 2 till 5pm
48 Montague Road, South Brisbane

The Bedroom Philosopher launches his new single, supported by quirky Brisvegas musician Mikki Ross, poets Stefanie Petrik and Zenobia Frost, and cabaret/burlesque beauty Bertie Page.

Come dressed for a vintage picnic on the lawn!
Even though we won’t be on a lawn. That’s how post-modern we are.

$8 only! Lucky door prize! Raffles!

The Ruby Fizz Society for Superior People is designed to help you enjoy the best things in life: fine dining, fancy dress, live music, live poets, dead poets, burlesque, cabaret, and high-class frivolity. We aim to provide opportunities for Queensland creative types whilst having a damn good time.

The Bedroom Philosopher
Meet the underground monster single of 2008! Wow Wow’s Song is the sound of Australia’s most beloved and respected experimental folk-comedian The Bedroom Philosopher being joined by musical allies Tripod on vocals, Harry Angus (Cat Empire, Jackson Jackson) on trumpet and Richard Cartwright (Richard In Your Mind) on sitar. A criminally catchy chorus, double bass and rollicking Aztec drums help create the ultimate Home-School-Hey-Jude-Bolivian-Mod-Sesame-Street-Party feel.
The lovechild of Jarvis Cocker, Graeme Garden and Flight Of The Conchords, The Bedroom Philosopher is a beacon of wit and acoustic mad-cappery in the oh-so-serious music scene. Owning the genre-clash of inventive guitarist and fiercely clever comedian, his craft drenched art-folk and profoundly ridiculous story-telling inject hilarious theatrics into the classic platform of the balladeer. The 70’s-dreaming geek-Adonis swings between the music and comedy worlds on a wave of only-child charisma and finely executed disarray.

Mikki Ross (Brisbane:

Mikki Ross is the Rubik’s Cube of live entertainment and is putting Showbiz back into the music scene. This Brisbane born vocalist, composer, electronic producer, pianist, comedian, dancer, inventor & backyard philosopher performs superbly crafted DIY pop inside his self-invented portable “Whizz-Bang Theatre”. He is truly a post-millennium one man band.

Stefanie Petrik
Stefanie Petrik is a poem. She spends most of her time re-drafting this poem. The word “poetry” has substituted the words “god”, “love”, “money”, “life”, & “security” in her private dictionary. Stefanie pathetically spends all her time writing, getting into trouble and moving interstate. Eventually she’ll run out of states and have to consider plastic surgery, and depol name changes. She is coming to the Ruby Fizz Society, barring the influence of car crashes, aliens and axe murderers.

Bertie Page (Brisbane:
Bio to come
Miss. Bertie is a rising star of Australian Cabaret, famous for her quick wit, original costumes limitless imagination. As a professional character comedian she performs as multiple characters. She has a performance studies degree behind her as well as extensive studies in the areas of burlesque, clowning, and the range of vocal musical stylings for which she is well-known. She is more than song and dance, a showgirl who is prepared to open her mouth, releasing a whirlwind of satire and biting social-political commentary, with a tongue sharper than a diamond blade.

Zenobia Frost
Zenobia Frost is a poetic adventurer, hat fetishist and protector of apostrophes whose creative work has been published in Voiceworks, The Definite Article, LOTL and Going Down Swinging. She has performed at the Queensland Poetry Festival, No Frontiers and Contraverse, and is your Ruby Fizz Society hostess. In her writing, Zenobia aims to highlight those common enchantments that are often overlooked.

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