Well, the launch is shaping up, and the response insofar has been very positive, which is making me all warm and fuzzy. Thank you.

More shameless self-promotion in the lead-up to May 3rd. I’m posting a portion of my interview with Graham Nunn at Another Lost Shark (thanks G!), in which I blather on about whatever it is my chapbook’s about…


SweetWater Press is due to release your debut collection. Tell us about its evolution.

A university manuscript-writing project gave me an excuse to compile a chapbook, so I’ve been working on the collection for a year or so. It’s a quiet little thing, but I quite like the way it’s come to life. It’s funny that you chose the word ‘evolution’, because the chapbook, The Voyage, began as an excuse to bring together all of my oceanic love poems, but somehow it grew legs and crawled onto land with a series of poems about bugs, reptiles, people and finally houses. (However, if we follow the book’s idea of the ‘natural flow’ of evolution to its conclusion, then a tall gin and tonic is the height of civilisation. Maybe I’m onto something?)

The Voyage will be launched on May 3rd (7pm, !Metro Arts Basement), before I set off on a voyage of my own (with a box of books!) to enjoy the Midwest-American summer.metroartslogoonly

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Want More?

Stylus Poetry Journal: Issue 31, October 2008

Mascara Poetry: Issue 4

I hope you’re having a lovely Easter long-weekend, and I hope you’re as stuffed full of chocolate as I am.

x o x

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