The Voyage, featuring James Sherlock

As close to a media release as we’ll get:

The Voyage, the debut collection from local poet, Zenobia Frost, will be launched by SweetWater Press on the 3rd of May. Zenobia has won prizes for the poems written during her school years, and more recently has had work published in Going Down Swinging, Small Packages, Stylus, Mascara and Voiceworks. This first collection somehow combines undertones of both The Ancient Mariner and The Hunting of the Snark, while remaining determinedly in her own voice.

The volume is illuminated by Bettina Walsh’s lively drawings.

Zenobia has been described by fans as “a poetic adventurer, hat fetishist and protector of apostrophes who works with the Queensland Poetry Festival and coordinates The Ruby Fizz Society, a light-hearted opportunity to indulge in fine food, fine arts and high-class frivolity”.

Guitarist James Sherlock will be providing jazz grooves, cupcakes will be sprouting up everywhere, and libations will be quaffed during the evening, beginning at 7.00pm, in the !Metro Arts Basement, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane.

4 thoughts on “The Voyage, featuring James Sherlock

  1. I can’t wait. Can I get a preview reviewers copy? What shall I wear? I can’t decide between my lime green zoot suit and Bootsy Collins sunglasses or Armani suit, flippers and a snorkel. What are you wearing, maybe we can coordinate?

    • Mr Gaiman, I’d gladly take The Graveyard Book to the bath again anytime.
      (Perhaps I could write The Bathtime Book for you to take to the grave.)

      By the way, you made my day. Week. Month. Year. Decade.
      Thank you for stopping by. :D

  2. Oh, and Paul, don’t know about preview copies – you’d have to ask the publisher. Either suit sounds pretty wild; I think I’d go with the Armani and Bootsy Collins glasses, myself. ;)

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