Zenobia Frost Stars in Hitchcock Remake

No, seriously. The Birds are coming to get me. None of my housemates or friends-who-live-nearby ever encounter nesting birds around my suburb, yet every time I step out of the house, birds scream and swoop: plovers, magpies, minors, even crows. This afternoon three plovers left a tree across the road and swooped me while I was still on my front steps. A few weeks ago, several species of bird (including a pair of wild budgies) teamed up on me at the cemetery when I was trying to leave.

Considering that all cats like me (seriously, even cats who supposedly hate the world will put up with me), I’m not entirely surprised that birds seem to have a vendetta against me. Kittehs and birdies aren’t exactly best friends. Still, it’s weird. Weird to the point of freaking me out. Does anyone know anything about bizarre bird-curses?

On a happier note, the very kind Dr Jon over at the livejournals had some lovely things to say about my Queen Zen poem, and its connection to (and origins in) some strange and wonderful products over at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.

One thought on “Zenobia Frost Stars in Hitchcock Remake

  1. I have had similar events in the past lead me to believe that some birds are quite vicious against certain people. My best example is the scar on my chin which I was gifted by a small group of sparrows that dive-bombed me whilst I was bicycling a few years back. You might want to know how I got the scar from that? Well they damned flock caused me to swerved out and as I have said “The world took a breath and let me hit the cement.”
    There is the origin of the scar on my chin.

    A second observation that these fowl beasts are set out to terrorize us. This Halloween past when leaving the house I beheld a group of crows in front of my house they then followed me stalking me all the way to work.

    I unfortunately know nothing of bird curses except for the story of The Sister and the Three Ravens but that is a completely different case of bird curses.

    I wish you all the best Zenobia.

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