Aaaarrggh 2010!

Everything that could possibly be crammed into a month has been, dear readers. I’ve moved house (down the road), kicked off a new job at Rave Magazine (whee!), and orchestrated not one but two Gentlemen’s Tea Parties at the Woolloongabba Tea Parties (with the help of a number of seriously Superior people).

The first Gentlemen’s Tea Party at the WAC was a raging success, with Absolute Tits (and their very special guests); The Ragtag Review Band (pictured–thank you, Seb), poets Graham Nunn, John Knight and Ross Clark; Evelyn Hartogh; The Coin-Operated Boy; The Merch Girl; and burlesque darlings Bertie Page and Rita Fontaine (as Johnny Castrati). I had such a great time! Thank you so much to Tiara, Tim, Wayne and JT, all of whom kept me sane during the week and made the event run smoothly.

Next week’s event welcomes the addition of Miss BB le Buff and Phoebe Manning, and we can expect it to be an even more wondrous and gentlemanly day. There are fewer than ten tickets left, so contact Tiara at if you’d like to book.

In other news, I have a poem in the new publication The Tangled Bank, details below. Hurrah!


The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, & Evolution has launched!

The anthology, which marks the 150th anniversary of Origin of Species, features over 100,000 words of speculative fiction, poetry, artwork, and essays about evolution.

An international line-up of nearly 50 contributors includes Sean Williams, Brian Stableford, Patricia Russo, and Carlos Hernandez.

Just US$4.99, The Tangled Bank is now available for download as a PDF at

Check out “Darwin’s Daughter” by Christopher Green (a free short story from the anthology)

For more information, visit the website, or our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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