Link Round-Up

Hullo, all.

I’ve begun my Cordite editing, and it feels very good indeed. Meanwhile, my quest to apply for All the Grants has slowed this weekend on account of feeling icky and sleeping a lot. Also renting videos and eating caramel pie, which are well-known cures for feeling icky. Soon, my week will (have to) be back on track; I have many things to do before I fly off to New Zealand next week for a two-week trip around the South Island. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Kiwi (pun intended — especially considering I’m very much a Brisbanite by now), but this will be my first sojourn in the south.

Anyway, here are some links.

My first piece for Hide & Seek, a review of the Blue Room Cinebar in Rosalie/Paddington, is online here. This was really fun to write; it’s one of my favourite places in Brisbane to chill out, after all.

I realised I never linked directly to the 200-line collaborative poem in Overland last year. I was one of 20 poets invited to contribute to the poem, “Before Elapsing”, which was remixed/edited together by Derek Motion. He called it “a fine and curious beast,” which I think is quite fitting.

The Weekend Edition (a side-project of Map Magazine, I believe) snapped some pictures at GoMA/State Library last weekend, and I happened to be around wearing my owl socks. Clearly I was the only person who didn’t think of a nice pose, but never mind. My socks are pretty good and whatever I was doing on my Bookbooked Macbook was obviously pretty important. And probably very hip.

Finally, a link that’s not all about me. Go and see The Raven at Metro Arts. (Photo above by Leesa Connelly.) Wear shoes that you can easily slip off, though, because there’s mud. Delicious, cool, squelchy mud. But dirt is not what The Raven is about; it’s a trip inside the mind of Edgar Allen Poe. Writer/director Thomas Quirk handles Poe’s poetry in excellent and interesting ways, and Robbie O’Brien brings wit, gravity and a sense of dignity to the character of a poet we often dismiss as a melancholic rhymer. Erica Fields is by turns enchanting and unnerving as his muse. Check it out at Metro Arts, where it runs until March 31.

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