FreeVerse! And Spooky Things!

FreeVerse: Page Vs Stage

State Library of Queensland, 16 Oct. 2012

FreeVerse tomorrow is going to be brutal. And oh, man — I should have blog-rambled about this yonks ago, but I’ll admit I’ve been quietly confident that my opponent, Robin “Archie” Archbold, will fold like a bible-paper page under the weight of Page Poetry. Well, perhaps not — he gives as good as he gets, but it should make for a spectacular show. I am rarely this excited about gigs. Let us show you a good time. Gloves are off.

Fresh: Poetry and Burlesque in the Library

Brisbane Square Library, 19 Oct. 2012

If you need an event a little less violent than FreeVerse, catch some poetry and burlesque at the Halloween-themed Fresh event on Friday. I can promise gory cemetery poems. And I’m delighted to get to share the stage with Red Devotchkin, definitely my favourite Brisbane burly-Q performer.

Click the headers to hit up the FB event pages and find out more.

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