Seeya, 2012

It has been a mixed year, but somehow we packed a lot into it. Like a small bottle overfilled with the makings of gingerbeer; if we shake it up too much tonight, the whole year might burst out and overflow into 2011 and ’13. (2011 deserves everything it gets, but I’d like 2013 to have a shot at a fresh start, thank you.)

In 2012, I’ve travelled more than ever: overseas once, and interstate three times (to Vic., NSW, and SA) and all around Queensland with the QPF Regional Roadshow. At Varuna, in November, I finished an 80-page poetry manuscript (I hope you’ll see it soon) and sent dozens of new and edited poems out into the ether — so fingers crossed. I’ve performed with (and learned from) slam poets and page poets, and then reconciled them (for me, anyway) with Ghostboy at Page Vs Stage.

I graduated — at long last — from UQ in July, with a Bachelor of Arts (Writing/Literature). I’m glad I chose to take my time with study and instead gain real-world writing and editing experience along the way.

In June, Rave Magazine closed down. I’m still feeling pretty sore about that. It was an important part of my life. In July, friends and colleagues and I set up OffStreet Press, which has been a fascinating, rewarding and exhausting project — trying to run a whole online magazine with a skeleton crew of volunteers. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done this year. Here’s my 2012 Brisbane arts “Best Of” list.

On the smaller scale, I also joined tumblr. The Great Vanishment was meant to be fairly poetry- and Brisbane-focused . . . but then I discovered how many silly things on the Internet I want to share with the Void. Still, I sometimes post poetry there.

I’ve largely supported myself with freelance work since July, and I’m very proud of that — and grateful to the friends and mentors who help me in that regard. I am completely stoked I got the chance to work at Lush Indooroopilly over Christmas — this has been one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had, and I’m sorry to leave now that the Silly Season is over.

Despite losing Rave, this year I’ve made new friends, had adventures, travelled with loved ones, and reconnected with old friends. Despite anxiety, I have challenged myself, travelled alone, started ambitious projects, finished writing projects, tried entirely new kinds of jobs, taken on wayyy too many volunteer roles — and loved every minute of it.

In early 2013, I’ll be moving house (to where? we don’t even know yet!), so the year begins with adventures. We’re busy trashing the mountains of old crap we’ve accumulated and getting ready to farewell our beloved Haus of Bones. (We also have about 8.3 billion teapots. Would anyone like a teapot?) I’ll miss the cemetery. But I’m looking forward to the changes 2013 brings.

Have a spectacular New Year’s Eve. I wish you kindly hangovers and Berocca for tomorrow.

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