Anywhere Fest: The Travelling Sisters Let Loose

Lucy Fox and Ell Sachs are ready to take you on a metaphorical adventure through Kelvin Grove’s mysterious ways and abandoned homes in The Travelling Sisters Let Loose — a “cabaret of life’s quests and questions.”

Q. Describe your show/s in under 25 words.
A. Haunting, dark, awkward and funny, The Travelling Sisters might push some buttons but their honesty is transfixing within the walls of the fire-lit living room.

Q. Anywhere Festival is about making art everywhere. What makes your venue unique?
A. Its a place that most people wouldn’t even realise still exists in the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane. It takes you back in time. Also, we want our audience to feel more like they are sitting in a friend’s living room. The theme is comfort, stories and sharing. The audience is free to shuffle around to get a different view, although they may just become transfixed by the historical aliveness of the house’s nooks and crannies.

The Travelling Sisters

Q. If your show were a new My Little Pony, what would it look like? What would its superpower be?
A. Melted Milton. It would be a twisted, distorted thing of beauty and its superpower would be the power of flatulence. Flatulence is both a weapon and a power source for flying.

Q. The Travelling Sisters Let Loose starts at a “meeting place” in Kelvin Grove — is this show one of exploration and adventure? Tell me more!
A. Definitely! But more in the metaphorical sense. The exploration and adventure takes place in the warmth of a living room through stories and songs. It is not a walking tour around the back-streets of Kelvin Grove. Although that’s not a bad idea either — maybe next year!?

To join The Travelling Sisters  as they let loose, meet at Cnr Ballymore & Dunsmore St, Kelvin Grove. Runs from 8 to 19 May, 2013.

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