Alchemy @ Brisbane Square Library 17.5.13

A lovely review from Tash D at Factory Diaries.

Factory Diaries

On the third Friday of every month the Brisbane Square Library is host to a myriad of music, poetry and performance. Alchemy is the name of this monthly event and it is MCd by the lovely Frankie Vandellous.


Unfortunately, I was a tad tardy in arriving to this month’s event so I missed the wonderful musical stylings of Wayne Jennings of The Ragtag Band fame.

I did make it in time to catch the two beautiful dancers from Evoke Dance and Theatre Company performing along to the latin grooves of Tari Hujan, however. The dancers were graceful and strong pulling off fantastic lifts and spins with the greatest of ease. Their routine showed their diversity changing paces several times.

Then the audience was treated to the poetic genius that is Zenobia Frost. This performance featured her ukulele debut in a poem/song that illustrated the contrast between her…

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