Meet: Zenobia Frost

Tash D. of the Factory Diaries interviewed (and filmed!) me last week. Here are the results!

Factory Diaries

Tash D met up with local poet and writer, Zenobia Frost for a lovely chat about Brisbane’ macabre history, happy acorn socks and poetry.


Photo by Tash D

Firstly, why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers:

I’m Zenobia Frost. I’m a local poet and editor of things. I guess those are my two primary hats. I also sometimes run events and, what else do I do? What else do I do Tash?

Be Awesome?

I do lots of things. I have happy acorn socks, perform stuff. I promised to be eloquent and now I’ve lied to you!

What kind of style would you describe your poetry as being?

It’s always a tricky question. I remember one of the first people that asked me that and I really had to think about it was as an interviewer at Subway. It’s like how do you describe poetry to someone who’s going…

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