I have just coined a new verb:


I already know what I think it means, but I’d like to give you an opportunity to define it. Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Go forth! Helmstroke!

8 thoughts on “HELMSTROKING

  1. as a kid i used to wonder why adults made constant little adjustments to the car steering wheel. surely unless you’re turning you’re going straight ahead?

    but anyway, in a broader sense, i reckon it means a small fondle of whatever is in control. just to reassure yourself that there is something there after all, leading you in some apparent direction. head, heart, genitalia… whatever.

  2. Paul and typingspace, I like the the idea of ‘subtle adjustments or improvements’, which probably have a more profound impact on one’s course than one realises. In that sense, I think I’ve been helmstroking my life lately.

    Wesley (hullo! good to hear from you again), I am very impressed by the very fine definitional style and know you would beat me at Balderdash / Dictionary. I like your noun most of all; ‘ideology in fluxus’ is in itself a beautiful phrase.

  3. I think all the previous defintions for ‘helmstroke’ are beautiful unlike mine which is ‘the heart-attack you suffer when you finally realise that no-one is in control of your life but you’.

  4. Michael! I’ve been looking for you for ages; I lost your email address! But it seems you’ve found me.

    So I’m glad you came by, and I *like* your definition, and that it steers in such a different direction from the others. It makes perfect sense with regards to the words it’s made up of.

    (Shall be sending you an email soon!)


  5. Hey Zen! Wanted to get to Novel Lines yesterday but had to be somewhere else. Looking forward to hearing from you and catching up with all your news.

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