Under a Daylight Moon

Under a Daylight Moon


Zenobia Frost

(previewing her debut volume from SweetWater)

Rob Morris

(further tales from the rock-n-roll after-life)



(in harmony with the spheres)

3.00 – 5.00 pm, fourth Saturday of every month

(starting 28th February)

at Novel Lines Bookshop

153 LaTrobe Tce Paddington

[near the big antiques barn & next to the chocolate shop!]

Free entry

(but Busker’s Rules apply!)

Lunar Module Pilots

Ross Clark (rclarkbard@yahoo.com.au)

& Caroline Hammond (lina.hammond@lizzy.com.au)

Command Module Pilot

Lucy Ashdown


11 thoughts on “Under a Daylight Moon

  1. I’m scared now. I am a little agoraphobic these days but I have grabbed the time and address and your URL for ever expanding collection of esoteric linkages. If I have a beer in about and hour or so…

  2. Am home again. Sorry for not according to correct blogging etiquette. You rock but the venue was a bit oppressive. Too many nice people in too small a room. And then made you feel like you should be tinier. Up to you of course and you did win a prize, so well done!

  3. There’s blog etiquette?!
    Ah, so the prize-giver was *you*! Well, thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the gig. :)
    Yes, we’re going to see how the space can be used a little better next time. No more punters huddled in corners!

  4. And I saw you at Speed Poets, too. Writing notes in a book. Was it a poem about the gig? Why don’t performance poets work outside, in a park? That would be nice, room to move and space for the performers to be big. The poets all seem cool with lots of different things going on. Next time I must try harder to stay sober and be nicer to people. Zenobia, You Rock!

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